Ginger Beer

Ingredients 140 g fresh ginger 4 tablespoons muscovado sugar 2-3 lemons 1 litre soda water or sparkling mineral water a few sprigs of fresh mint Method First of all you need to grate your ginger on a coarse cheese grater – you can leave the skin on if you like. Put the ginger with its pulpy juice into a bowl and sprinkle in your muscovado sugar. Remove the rind from 2 of your lemons with a vegetable peeler, add to the bowl, and slightly bash and squash with something heavy like a pestle or a rolling-pin. Just do this for 10 seconds, to mix up all the flavours. Squeeze the juice from all 3 lemons and add most of it to the bowl. Pour in your fizzy water or soda water. Allow to sit for 10 minutes and then taste. You may feel that the lemons are slightly too sour, therefore add a little more sugar; if it's slightly too sweet, add a little more lemon juice. To be honest, these amounts are always a little variable so just follow your own taste. Pass the ginger beer through a coarse sieve into a large jug and add lots of ice and some sprigs of mint.



Makes 600ml of concentrate to be made up equally with chilled water, soda water or spirits - try vodka!!


  • 5 unwaxed lemons - chop and de-pip 2 lemons; grate the rind and squeeze the remaining 3 lemons.
  • 200g white caster sugar
  • 600ml cold water
  • Pinch of salt (optional)
  • ¼ cucumber, sliced
  • Small bunch of mint
  • a further 600ml of liquid to add for serving


  • Cut two of the lemons into chunks, removing pips. Put into a food processor or blender, along with any juices from the chopping board
  • then add the rind and juice of the remaining three lemons.
  • Add the sugar, the salt if using and a little of the first 600ml of water.
  • Whizz to a puree, then add the rest of the first water.
  • Pass the puree through a sieve to remove large pieces left
  • Bottle and refrigerate until required.
  • When required, add enough water, soda or spirits to double the concentrate
  • Taste and add a little more sugar if necessary.
  • Pour into a jug add the slices of cucumber and a couple of sprigs of mint, then chill until ready to serve.
  • Serve over ice with a fresh slice of cucumber and a fresh sprig of mint for each glass.

Amended 20th September 2012 with more sugar and double quantities.

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