Recipe: Szechuan Ginger Beef

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Yield: 10 Servings



    • 1 kg flank steak; thinly sliced


    • 30 ml dark soy sauce
    • 20 ml light soy sauce
    • 30 ml dry sherry
    • 5 ml chili oil
    • 5 g sugar
    • 10 g cornstarch


    • 130 g cornstarch
    • 15 g ginger; sliced thin
    • 25 g ginger; shredded
    • 125 g onion; julienned
    • 125 g celery; julienned
    • 125 g carrot; julienned


    • 250 ml beef stock; heated
    • 5 ml dark soy sauce
    • 5 ml light soy sauce
    • 20 ml hoisin sauce
    • 15 ml hot bean sauce
    • 3 ml chili oil
    • 10 g sugar
    • 16 g cornstarch
    • 30 ml vinegar


    • Slice beef thinly into 1/2 centimetre strips.
    • Combine marinade, add beef, toss, and let marinate overnight.
    • Combine sauce, stir and set aside.
    • Take the larger quantity of cornstarch and place in a plastic bag. Drain marinated beef, and place in small amounts into the bag shake lightly to coat beef.
    • Set a pan over high heat, and add oil for deep frying. When oil appears hot add sliced ginger, allow ginger to reach a golden brown, remove, and discard.
    • Add first lot of beef, Deep fry for maximum of 2 minutes. Remove to paper towel lined plate, and repeat to complete beef.
    • When done reserve small amount of oil from deep frying and use to sauté ginger, onion, celery, and carrot.
    • Add sauce mixture, stir until sauce starts to boil and thicken. Add beef, toss evenly to coat with sauce and remove from heat.


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