Recipe: Marmalade – Seville Orange

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  • 1.5kg Seville oranges
  • 2 medium lemons
  • 2.25 pints of water
  • 1.5kg of sugar
  • Muslin
  • Makes approximately 7 pots.


  • Day one
  • Scrub and rinse all the fruit.
  • Take 1.5kg Seville oranges and one large or two medium lemons and put them in a pressure cooker with 1.5 pints (900ml) of water and cook at 10lbs of pressure for 15 minutes. If you don’t have a pressure cooker then boil in a saucepan for over an hour, until the fruit is cooked through. Pierce the fruit to help them sink.
  • Fish the fruit out of the saucepan with a slotted spoon. When it’s cool enough to handle, cut them in half.
  • Scrape out the flesh, pith and pips and put it all in a saucepan with the original boiling water.
  • Set the peel to one side.
  • Boil the pan-full of fruit matter for five minutes and then pour into a muslin bag suspended over a jam kettle or other large pan.
  • Add some of the sugar to the liquid in the jam kettle and stir to dissolve.
  • Cut the peel into fine shreds and add to the jam kettle. Leave to strain overnight.
  • Day two
  • Add the remainder of the sugar and thr last 0.75 pint (450ml) of water to the jam kettle.
  • Put over a low heat and stir until dissolved.
  • Bring to the boil until setting point is reached. If you are using a jam thermometer, you need to boil for about half an hour after the correct temperature is reached, about 105celcius/221°F.
  • Either way, the marmalade is ready when it passes the wrinkle test: drop a small amount of marmalade in a saucer and pop it in the fridge for five minutes. If the surface wrinkles when you push it with your finger, it’s ready.
  • Pour into hot dry jars and cover at once with discs of greaseproof paper soaked in wine vinegar and screw the top on the jar immediately.


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