Recipe: Rabbit ballotine / galantine

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  • 1 rabbit
  • A few pork sausages
  • Mustard seeds
  • Celery cut lengthways into thin strips
  • Salt and Pepper


  • Bone the saddle of the rabbit.

For the forcemeat:

  • Trim the meat off the forelegs and dice.
  • Mince, or chop finely, the liver, heart and kidney of the rabbit.
  • Remove the meat from the sausages.
  • Mix together to form a forcemeat.
  • Season with salt and pepper.

Make the roulade:

  • Place thyme and sage leaves on a large piece of cling film.
  • Place the rabbit saddle on top..
  • Lay the celery along the length of the rabbit saddle. Spinkle with mustard seeds. Add the forcemeat on top.
  • Roll up in the cling film, tightly twisting the ends.
  • Tie string around the whole length of the roulade. Use plenty of loops around the roulade.

To cook:

  • Poach the roulade in water that is hardly simmering for 12 to 15 minutes.
  • Allow to cool and remove the string and cling film.
  • Roll the roulade in streaky bacon or parma ham.
  • Fry the roulade in butter until the bacon becomes well browned.

To serve:

  • Either slice the hot ballotine and serve with a little crispy lettuce and lightly pickled vegetables.
  • Or allow to cool (and become a gallantine) and serve as above.


Galantine vs Ballotine?

Galantines and ballotines (ballantine is a brand of scotch whisky) are roulades but roulades are not necessarily galantines or ballotines.Roulade =any meat that is rolled around a stuffing made of vegetable, meat, dairy or whatever.

Ballotine = a galantine served hot.

Galantine = a meat, poultry or fish that is boned, stuffed with a forcemeat of the original protein and traditionally poached in a gelatinous stock and served with decorative aspic made from the stock and served cold or room temperature.


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